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Can We Revel the TRUTH?

Before I even say Welcome and introduce myself to you, let me state something to you with 100% fact. Whether you believe it or not, yes the dead are around us. Spirits who have not crossed over yet, spirits who are stuck here and even evil or malevolent entities. I don’t do this for fame or fortune. I do this because what I have discovered after over forty years of doing this what I believe is that it is absolutely 100% real, without a doubt in my mind as well as others who are paranormal researchers. My name is Don Ford and I am a Photographer and Paranormal Research Investigator with my team VIPS.

I take this VERY seriously as do millions of others out there who also know that there is something to all of this. I repeat. Nothing I post here is fake, made up or drummed up from my mind. I do not have the time to sit around and fake videos of Paranormal activity. Yes my friends, it is all actual fact and evidence. You can choose to open your mind and believe or if you are a non believer that is fine as well. I am not trying to convert anyone to being a believer if their mind is closed and can not comprehend the facts that is presented to you. Everyone has a right to their beliefs but mine come from actual experience with evidence that I have recorded for all to see and hear and I have also had INTENSE personal experiences, things I never dreamed could be possible I have seen, touched and heard.

I know many people and those who know me well will tell you I am sane, smart, caring and above all very normal person. With that said, sit back, relax and enjoy this article. It was written from my heart as I am truly passionate about this field because I find it absolutely incredible and amazing. I just wanted to get the facts embedded that what you read and see and hear on this website is 100% real with no trickery involved at all. If you have interest in this field I urge you to go take a look at some of the most amazing evidence captured by anyone. Again, this evidence presented here is about The Paranormal field. Things that are out of the ordinary. Things that can not be explained by any other means. Ghosts? Spirits? Entities? Aliens? Maybe.

No one really knows for sure because we can not prove what comes through to us or communicate, we can only speculate and go by the evidence we have captured. Not all is paranormal that we investigate, some are natural or man-made phenomena. With that said, you are most likely here because you are someone who is into the ghosts, spirits, evps, demons, religion. spirit communication, or an experience of your own it doesn’t matter. These days with so many shows about the paranormal and some of these TV shows and there are many of them out dealing with this subject as well as other subject matters you can never really know who to trust and what is indeed real or what is fabricated for the all mighty dollar (sponsors). With most guys on TV oozing with drama and excitement I often wonder if they are excited about evidence, the investigation, or the stacks of cash they are most likely making with their TV show.

Even so, I am not a fan of these shows it does provides entertainment and does bring some awareness though it also pushes out a ton of false information and the way they go about these things are so wrong. As for me, I really do not care if you believe in what I do or not as I know that in order for a true skeptic to believe they would have to have a real experience on their own. Let me explain… It all started when I was 15… All of my life I have been interested in spooky things that go bump in the night and haunted locations, and I remember that all of this seemed to have started as a teenager when I had an intense experience in a cemetery at a crept of family that was located in a cemetery that has since been relocated. I can remember with crystal clarity…

But I can assure you this disturbing the dead has a price . I know what a dream is and I know what reality is and that man was as real as any man alive today..as real as I am sitting here now. I do not know who or what that man was but when I look back now I believe that MAYBE, just maybe it was a spirit or ghost that did not want visitors in any way, shape, form or fashion. What ever it is that brought you to our site please enjoy the website and all the evidence and articles here and please contact us if you believe you are experience any paranormal activity or have any evidence you would like to share.

Thank You

Don Ford

VIPS Founder and Director

Voyage Into Paranormal Society

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