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Services Provided

Although we are a free service and a not for profit team of experienced paranormal investigators who specialize in all types of hauntings. Donations for travel expenses such as gas, food, and lodging expenses when doing out-of-state private research requiring more than two hours of driving may be required. We can provide you with a referral.

Investigation inquiries are considered on a case by case basis and priority, and we will travel anywhere in the U.S. as needed. When not doing client-based investigations, we are always researching other haunted sites and historic places.

Other Services also provided are: Counseling for people who are or believed to be haunted you don’t have to be alone we can help!

Call to talk to someone privately who understands and listens to you.

24 hour  PARANORMAL hotline 972-704-5310

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  • Compiling field research data
  • Educational presentations
  • Public media events
  • Professional referrals
  • Private counseling

About The Paranormal

The field of paranormal investigation is populated by theory, speculation, and opinion and not supported by conventional science or by specialized equipment manufacturers. Due to these limitations the VIPS team as an organization feels they present what our beliefs are based on our equipment, the latest theories, and our observations based on years of experience and research. VIPS is not claiming these beliefs to be fact, but our opinions based on nearly two decades of investigation experience.

Why So Little Evidence Of The Paranormal?

We at Voyage Into Paranormal Society (VIPS) hold ourselves to a very high standard when it comes to paranormal evidence. As such we scrutinize every piece of the evidence we collect very carefully and critically. Evidence that other groups would present as paranormal we can not except in good professional conscience. For this reason much of what we have collected during our years of paranormal research and investigation, while it might well be paranormal, we do not feel it is of sufficient certainty to be presented here or to our clients as evidence of paranormal phenomena.

What We Do

We are research and investigation specialists. We enter each investigation with the sole purpose of collecting evidence. Most of that evidence will not hold up to even our own standards. Other evidence collected will be debunked either with a simple explanation, subsequent visits, or other analysis. What will be left is what we believe to be actual unexplained evidence. That evidence will be submitted to you and your privacy will always be our highest priority.


                                                                             BEWARE ALERT!!

 Please beware of local paranormal teams who claim to be “Ghostbusters”, “Spirit Rescuers” or claim a guarantee that they will cleanse or banish ghosts from your home or business. Any reputable paranormal team would not make such claims or guarantee to rid your home of spirits, it just doesn’t work that way…  Ghosts cannot be forced to leave if they don’t want to. If DEATH didn’t make them move on you believe a mortal human can? Feel free to contact us if you are unsure of information provided by aother team.  We’ll happily answer your questions. CALL 972-704-5310 VIPS 24 hour PARANORMAL HOTLINE….

Many people who contact us are dealing with Paranormal Activity and needless to say, they are quite scared.  Normally, the types of hauntings that occur in these homes are human spirits that are manifesting themselves or residual energy.

However, there are times when the home owners experience a much more frightening ordeal and they are in need of immediate assistance.  In these types of cases, it is very dangerous to cleanse your own home without proper guidance from individuals who are are properly trained in dealing with demonic or malevolent entities.  Therefore, please do not try to communicate or provoke these spirits.  It is best that you contact the VIPS and we can assist you with finding a reputable team in your area if we are unable to travel to your destination.

If someone is truly dealing with a malevant entity or demonic entity that has infested a home, what happens when the home owner stands up against these entities and the demonic retaliates with extreme force?  What happens when the entity begins to attack the family members and the family is under direct, physical assault of a demonic entity?  Then what?  If someone is truly dealing with such an entity in their home, they need individuals who are properly trained in theological studies and who is prepared to deal with such cases. The stench of ignorance concerning the presence of ghosts and their involvement in our realm in history persists when it comes to hauntings these sightings of ghost and mans denial of such that makes one wonder if there is intelligent life on Earth. Or is it just man’s arrogance.