Warning Dangers of the PARANORMAL


                                                                     Warning Dangers of the PARANORMAL6658274-warning-signs

What is that reality? The reality is simple. We are sticking our heads into the unknown trying to obtain evidence and proof of something that has never been proven. Maybe it is never intended to discover the truth and this can be and eventually is dangerous. Surgeons spend years practicing and studying before they operate. Electricians apprentice for years and for ghost hunters or paranormal investigators nothing? AND KNOWLEDGE IS EVERYTHING IN THE PARANORMAL FIELD!

Most watch TV, grab voice recorders and digital cameras and run out to emulate their heroes or superstars. There usually is no training available to the general public or television audience. There are no tests, licenses, or fees. There is also no insurance, medical coverage or reimbursements for us as well. The professional paranormal researchers who do this for a living? Are Few and Far in between. There are no such person to be called an Expert but those of us who take it seriously are what would be called Pro’s.

No training required and anyone can go out and get themselves in trouble. There is no age limit set. Police will not arrest you for investigating if you are underage. Parents will not ground minors for doing the same. This has created an epidemic of people going out to ghost hunt and finding themselves in danger. No one warned them this was possible. No one explained the signs of danger before they found themselves in trouble. Even then, they weren’t sure what was going on. And it was too late by then. Something has followed you home, now what are you going to do? This is not a GAME!

Here are just a few of the DANGERS OF THE PARANORMAL: The risks are real, Sickness of Many Types, Mental Illness, Insanity, Possession, Obsession, Attachments, hitchhiker, Walk-in’s, Push-Ins, Oppression, Infestation, Physical Problems, Mental Problems, Spiritual Problems, Insomnia, Agitation, Personality changes, Loss of time, Paranoia, Hearing Voices, Hallucinations, Animal Attacks, Slip and fall injuries, Getting Pushed by Entities, Assault, Fainting Spells, Unexplained Financial difficulties, Loosing your job, Loosing your friends, loosing your family, Loosing your reality, Loosing yourself, Changes in appearance, loss of electronic equipment, Spider Bites, Allergic Reactions, Hypothermia, Exposure to the elements, Frostbite, Loss of faith or belief, Unexplained medical issues, depression, eventual hospitalization or therapy, Divorce, Sudden abandonment of reality, alcoholism, sudden drug or substance abuse, self’ inflicted trauma, automobile accidents, fires, loss of cell phone functions, antagonized from spirits, demonic attachments, spirit attachments loss of pets lives, family members affected, death of relatives, loss of happiness, loss of belief system, arrest, jail, rehabilitation, loss of patience, loss of affection, loss of intimacy, even DEATH…

This list goes on and on. Your Life can Fall to pieces in a matter of seconds. All of this are related to the Dangers of the Paranormal? If you don’t know what you are doing don’t do it until you are trained to tackle the problem!

A must read coming soon The BOOK “A Paranormal Investigator Handbook” the one book you will need to read.

As Always Be Safe Be Sure

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