VIPS -Project EVP Mixer Recorder

Experimental Trial 1

I am using a Behringer Xenyx 302 USB premium 5 input mixer with xenyx mic preamp and USB/Audio interface powered through USB or external adaptor.The size is small and lightweight and cost is minimal.

The microphones are Dynamic and Peavey pvm2 you may use corded or wireless depends on your pocketbook.You will need a stereo bar so both mics are on stand or 2 separate stands. I use a separate computer to record the evp session on a audio software such as audacity it is free and a very good audio software. An can be used on Mac, Windows or Linux systems (Or you may use an digital audio recorder if you prefer).

By setting up the duel mics in the same room we hope to capture a EVP on both mics verifying the recording on two types of Microphones and establishing the time line and recording of EVP or that One mic is better then the other on evidence of EVP.You can try different mics during the investigations.

We will continue setting digital recorders through the location at highly active locations inside as well as a base recorder to which all activity will be recorded on.Also please have your cell phones on airplane mode or off, so not to interfere with the mixer recording devise and or mics. Also the Team inside location will continue to carry a digital voice recorder with them on their EVP sessions as well. This experiment is working very well for us I hope others will try it or some form of it and it will help others capture evp evidence to prove the paranormal phenomena. We will  make adjustments as we go along with the trial if needed and fine tune the process and report changes.

Conclusion: What the intention is to capture the evp on more then one recording devise and to analyze the evp for time imprint as well as the dbs level of the recorded evp. Should give more substance to captured evp. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that we do not die and come back to communicate with the living and our loved ones, and that life and death are two sides of the same coin. Now we must prove just that ghost are a intelligent energy that contains the personality of the person that died and transformed into that energy and that EVP will be the breakthrough in the paranormal field proving that they have existed from all eternity till the end of time.


As Always

Be Safe Be Sure

Happy Haunting

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