VIPS is seeking Funding and donations for Paranormal Research and Investigations

Help others who are not as fortunate as you are these funds go into investigations and research. No donation small or large will be turned down. This is the time of year to help others so PLEASE GIVE.

Sometimes we must ask for help in order to consider helping others that need help. And the scientific approach is Funding. Mainstream scientists only research what they are funded to research. These days that is mostly government funding. If it cannot be used as some sort of weapon it does not receive funding. Even scientists that are personally interested in this area are not willing to risk their reputations by putting research funding proposals together. Science should not be a hard-line but an ever-moving exploration. To say this topic has not been adequately researched is true, to claim it does not exist is false. This is why we are seeking funding for paranormal research, travel expenses, developing new methods and equipment in the field. We don’t charge any fees to do this.

New methods need to be developed. Medium ship and ESP has been researched in a laboratory setting and found to be very real. Remote viewing as well. As a field researcher, investigator I have found great validation in deeply buried historical records of hauntings or sightings if you prefer to call them. It’s important to remind of how a careful process of evidence gathering and analysis is essential in any investigative tasks. Sometimes the scenarios they use are so elaborate and cumbersome that we may as well consider the theory of life after death and the existence of other beings absolute that even one actual proof of said will be non-existent.

With respect to using the Scientific Method in the Study of Anomalous Phenomenon, the use of the scientific method that was taught to the researcher observing the phenomenon to be studied. Then, after observing the phenomenon, the researcher was to formulate a preliminary hypothesis that would attempt to offer an explanation of what was observed. This hypothesis, and the predictions for the operating characteristics inherent in the model, would then be tested and the results evaluated for consistency with the hypothesis. But if the only hypothesis developed by a proponent of the materialist scientific worldview is that the phenomenon was the result of unknown causes, then only material science related potential causes will be likely to be explored in the testing.

Additionally, a factor fundamental to designing a proper test using the scientific method is the requirement that one making all variables related to the test are known, and to that all of the known variables can be monitored and recorded to show that they are consistent and unchanging from test to test. If science will not even acknowledge the possibility of ghosts or phenomenon that anything exists outside of the limitations conventional material known to man, and there are in fact factors involved that are beyond the realm of conventional material science, then how can science identify the variables associated with the typical type of lab experiments that are done at present relating to the study of ESP. And, if science cannot, or chooses to not identify the variables, how can science monitor them or determine if these unknown variables vary from test to test?

Science has reached a point where it needs to allow for more possibilities than just those consistent with a material world view alone if it is to be able to continue to make progress in exploring the universe that we live in. Anomalous experiences are an area that cannot be understood solely from a perspective of the material world where everything, including anomalous experiences, is held to be based exclusively upon a foundation of materialism or belief. . Investigating is not Hunting. When looking into the paranormal field, going into homes, businesses, and other locations, the idea is to inspect and explore the claims of activity, pursuing logical explanations for any experiences that have happened, and recording, gathering evidence of a phenomenon so much more. When relating investigation techniques, research, to “hunting” it makes it seem that if there are spirits, they are only there to harm the living. The idea that “every ghost is pissed off and out to get you, only makes the clients and community all the more terrified of their location, homes or businesses, instead of becoming accepting in the end what is happening.

“The main thing to remember is that everyone should keep an open mind. Don’t say it doesn’t exist without searching and finding out for yourself. This being said, not everything is going to be paranormal, over 6500 investigations only 7 percent is unknown phenomenon the rest could simply be high electromagnetic fields from your fridge running, weird power surges, the building being built incorrectly leading to objects falling or moving due to gravity, drug or chemical imbalance and so much more. Remember respect your work, the clients and the dead”. Validation of a paranormal phenomena or not, is the upmost importance to bring closure to the people that is experiencing the anomalous event. If anyone is interested in donating money, equipment for the funding of Paranormal research and investigation please contact our hotline 24 hours a day 972-704-5310…… This is not for T.V. show or a movie but for research and investigation. No amount will be turned down no matter how small or large amount is very appreciated .

Thank You for your time and effort in reading this article.

As Always Be Safe Be Sure


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