The Unknown

What do we know about the unknown? If you are interested in the paranormal, supernatural and the otherwise unknown then you have found the right place to read about them!

Part One

The fear of the unknown brings up a sense of helplessness, hopelessness, despair, vulnerability in having to rely upon someone else for help and a feeling that you are no longer in control of your own future and destiny. Fear of the unknown is a peculiar condition in most of us, where we find ourselves at our wit’s end while thinking of embarking upon something we are not acquainted with like the supernatural, ghost or any type of the phenomena known as paranormal.

Whenever we hear talk of Ghosts, Bigfoot and UFO’s we automatically think of the great fictional writers of the 20th century, like Stephen King, and Dean Koontz, but can what they make such a huge living off be considered an everyday truth or shall we just cast it off into the realms of an over active imagination? Well, the paranormal is it fact or fiction?

There is no scientific proof of the existence of ghost, demons, spirits or other things that go bump in the night “Right”? Although paranormal researchers and a few scientific minded people have for years tried to scientifically prove their existence but have yet to do so. What if ghosts walked and talked like any other person? What if they had the same thoughts as other people? What do they think about us and do they see us and do they believe we are in the after-life and they are alive?

What if ghosts are real? I’m left wishing that I myself could talk to the ghosts and hear what they have to say. What kind of stories would they have to tell me? I personally think ghosts are quite real. But the proof hasn’t been discovered. If they are ghosts from history, I’m especially interested in how and where they lived, and how they died. The mysteries they could help in uncovering where all the bodies are like Jimmy Hoffa, D.B. Copper or like who really shot J.F.K. the list could go on and on.

Some people believe ghosts that haunt present-day buildings or houses where they used to live or work are ghosts that can’t seem to make it to the other side for what ever reason. Something has stopped them, or they just need a little help to move on. Others believe that these ghosts may want to stay behind and tell us something, warn us about something while others want to stay behind to be near loved ones or have unfinished business or is it a choice they made. Still others believe that these ghosts don’t even realize that they are dead. These ghosts think that they’re still living, and they do not know that time has moved on. Most people who report a phenomena of a unknown paranormal event don’t understand what or why it’s happening to them. The ghost may believe that we are invaders in there place! These types of events cause a high fear of the unknown…….   The various symptoms of fear of the unknown This type of fear accompanied with a number of familiar symptoms like, rapid heart rate, dry mouth, constant perspiration, lack of clear thought and speech, trembling in fear, fear of dying, anxiety attacks, breathing trouble, and a plethora of associated difficulties in survival of life it self.

Fear of the unknown

As far as I can see, fear of the unknown is everywhere in world and ingrained in to most cultures, the people and the attitudes here. Of course, this is a generalisation and I realise that this doesn’t go for everyone but 95.9% of the people. What do most of the people in general believe? Another fear is what we don’t understand, Like some or all people have the latent ability to move objects with their minds, or see future events before they happen?  These any many other brain tingling questions that we will mark as the Unknown. Or is it possible that you teach yourself to control Channeling, Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing, telepathy and many other abilities that are locked away in our subconscious mind. You must decide for yourself what you believe?

Spontaneous human combustion

Spontaneous combustion occurs when an object, in the case of spontaneous human combustion, a person bursts into flame from a chemical reaction from within, apparently without being ignited by an external heat source. The hundreds of spontaneous human combustion accounts since that time have followed a similar pattern: The victim is almost completely consumed, usually inside his or her home. Coroners at the scene have sometimes noted a sweet, smoky smell in the room where the incident occurred. What makes the charred bodies in the photos of spontaneous human combustion so peculiar is that the extremities often remain intact. Although the torso and head are charred beyond recognition, the hands, feet, and/or part of the legs may be unburned. Also, the room around the person shows little or no signs of a fire, aside from a greasy residue that is sometimes left on furniture and walls. In rare cases, the internal organs of a victim remain untouched while the outside of the body is charred. Cause unknown but it’s a fact.

So just because there is no known scientific proof that ghost exist are they fictional, or does the fear of the unknown just so great that you imagine a haunting? What do you believe?

Are you afraid of the unknown. Are you afraid to go to unexplored area; but there is also a part of you who wants to dare. Thus, even if you have tried many times to erase that fear, it keeps on recurring; and it cripples you holds you back in life it self.

As Always

Be Safe Be Sure

Happy Haunting

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