The Moon and it’s Influence on the Paranormal

The Moons Influence on the Paranormal (or not)


……..Since the beginning of recorded history, various cultures have told stories about how the Moon affects human behaviour. From werewolves to fertility cycles, the Moon is said to have a wide range of influences.One of the most pervasive beliefs has been the idea that people can lose their sanity at certain times of the lunar cycle, especially full moon. In fact the word “lunatic” derives from “Luna” (the moon). Could”traffic accidents, crimes, and suicides, appear to be influenced by the lunar cycle”check out the numbers in your area. Exactly how the Moon might exert an influence on people is subject to debate. Maybe the cause could be related to the Moon’s gravity affecting the human immune systems, hormones and steroids. It is a fact that the Moon does have at least some influence on Earthly life, but the exact nature and extent of that influence is poorly understood. Future studies will probably help us develop a fuller understanding of the moons effects .  But until then lets look at some unusal effects the moon has.It’s a scientific fact that the moon affects oceans’ tides, folklore and the paranormal recognized the moon’s i nfluence on humans, while traditional scientists all denied this, although the human body is nearly 80% water. The relationship between moon phases, the paranormal and human behavior is very intriguing could there be a tie?


There’s plenty of folklore about the moon and its effects on people and living things. There’s also good evidence that the moon affects paranormal phenomena also. In folklore, a full moon is a time of increased activity of all sorts. The full moon has been blamed for causing insanity and crazy behavior. It is a time of good luck and bounty, of bursting sap and copious blood. Because vital forces and fluids are at their peak, things should not be cut and surgeries should not be undertaken, according to folklore. There is a myth that the phase of the moon can have an odd affect on people and animals,and creatures of the night, such as the case of the werewolf with a bit of both.  Stories and even reports of psychotic episodes linking to the full moon phase are very popular and eerie.  The word lunacy originated from the Latin word ‘Luna’ translates into the English word moon.


The full moon also has a real biological tide effect on fluids in the body, which could affect mental states and, by extrapolation, a person’s sensitivity to psychic phenomena. Depending on the individual, sensitivity might increase or decrease. Many paranormal research investigators feel that the full moon is not good for investigations, however, and say that waning and new moon phases seem to be better. From a folklore perspective, it makes sense. The riot of natural activity stirred up by the moon could interfere with the ability of lessor phenomena to stand out. Research into whether the Moon Phase has or could influence Paranormal Activity should be carried out, through the vehicle of scientific exploration we could dispel if it’s a myth, and if it is true. Although the moon does hold a minor degree of influence over paranormal activity there are other factors that weigh in on the subject far more heavily. How the earths response to whatever the Sun throws at it, such as solar x-Rays and Solar Flares.


The geometric field is the magnetic field observed in and around the Earth. This field is dynamically affected by peaks in the lunar cycle, such as New and Full moons. The lunar cycle influences the magnetic field around the Earth – providing what could be considered as a power boost in the field. This field is used by spiritual beings to feed to gain energy. The increased energy they receive assists them in their communication and potential manifestation. Or does the full moon actually produces geophysical effects that may indeed dampen paranormal activity. The earth expands 1/16 of an inch during the full moon’s gravitational pull. The expansion is caused by the movement of magma chambers below the earth’s surface. These movements affect the earth’s magnetic fields. Many paranormal hot spots are in areas of negative magnetic anomalies. Thus, an increase in magnetic fields is likely to have an adverse impact on paranormal activity. Actually, neither the precise full moon nor new moon may be the best times for the paranormal.


Consider moisture & temperature extremes. It has been noted that a few hours after a thunder storm is also a great time to hunt ghosts. But after a thunder storm moisture in the air can create anomalies in pictures that may confuse the investigator. *As we research the paranormal we will challenge how or if the moon phases & weather impacts paranormal activity. Of course when conducting an investigation weather should always be considered in more ways than one, as temperatures & moisture can cause false positives in filming, photography & recording with other devices. While it is my belief that paranormal activity occurs every day, regardless of weather, there may be an increase in paranormal activity during geomagnetic storms, phases of the moon and weather conditions. Obviously weather & atmospheric conditions can influence paranormal investigating by the amount of lighting giving the investigator an advantage during full moons, if we are to believe that magnetic fields are the strongest on the days around the Full & New moon cycles & spirit activity may be more prominent during these times; and or ghosts somehow use electrical energy to manifest & communicate then we should ask the question.


Does the moon have a influence on the paranormal, and if so what is it? If no why?…………..When is the best time to hunt ghost, what moon phases or is it electrical storm or both? It is popular belief that a good time to ghost hunt is 2-3 days prior; the day of; 2-3 days after a full moon & new moon.

My opinion:

The best times for ghost hunting would also be during of the of a peak geomagnetic field and or solar storm. Again this is only my opinion and you must make up your mind to the ideal ghost conditions.

As always Be Safe Be Sure

Happy Haunting




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