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Throughout our recorded history, man have sought to know the truth about our existence after death. Do we totally and completely cease to exist? Do we continue to exist within some system based on rewards and punishments for our deeds during our physical lifetime? How can it be that mankind’s quest for the answer from the beginning of time, across cultures and civilizations that have come and gone, right up to the present day has not led us any closer to the truth? As humans we tend to believe that the answer to the questions about our continued existence after death will be either yes or no. We expect one of these answers to be the truth of the afterlife. Perhaps the great mystery surrounding life after death has something to do with our lack of understanding it’s basic nature.

Many believe that the answers to such questions will come from our spiritual leaders our religions and or science. Yet, for all of those that have come and gone throughout our recorded history, and those that remain with us today, no consensus exists between them and the afterlife. On the contrary if we look to our spiritual leaders, our religions and science, we find that the truth of the afterlife depends upon which leader of religion or scientist you listen to. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Shintos, Buddhists, Atheists, just to name a very few, have of widely varying versions of the truth about our afterlife existence. Lacking a consensus among them seeking the truth becomes a process of choosing between them. What you believe about life after death is in all likelihood a matter of the religion of the family you were born into, or a personal choice. And for science there are no proof of life after death so say scientist.

As an paranormal investigator I rely on science, and the scientific method, as the best tools for finding the truth of the afterlife. All competent investigators should be able to design and run an experiment, gather and analyze the data, and arrive at an answer. The results of that experiment, if properly designed, should eliminate all other possible conclusions and lead to one conclusive answer. Other investigators or scientists should be able to independently run an identical experiment, under identical conditions, and analysis of their data should lead to a single, identical conclusion. When enough experiments run by enough investigators and or scientists lead to the same, single conclusion science accepts this conclusion as the truth right? But how can you install a bubble around a haunted site to run these investigations and scientific methods to reproduce your findings?

There was a time when I believed that the scientific method was the best tool to find the truth for any question. But that was before I gave much thought to the implications of an experiment run by two different people one being a investigator the other a scientists seeking the answer to a simple question. Within physical reality we can design experiments that measure properties like mass, velocity, charge, location, volume, and the like and the replication of these measurements by anyone should lead to the same conclusion. For example if we ask the question, does the Sun revolve around the Earth through measurement and observation physical world properties we expect to find a single answer to the question, yes or no. When enough experiments have been run that all lead to the same yes or no answer we accept this answer as the truth, and believe that a truth arrived at in this manner is objective, unchanging and universally applicable. But by writing these papers in event journals, and conducting the right experiments and through reputation into research into unusual areas of psychology, parapsychology, including deception, luck and the paranormal we may find the answers we so seek about the afterlife.

In an attempt to run an identical 2nd experiment to replicate results. The analysis of the data from VIPS experiment clearly demonstrated a statistically verified correlation between evidence captured and of the second test of evp and changes in the EMF conductance and sound waves of the first EVP. According to the data, and the remotely capture evp evidence. Although this web site is geared to provide real information and educational help in general. We use audio, video, infrared, temperature gauges, motion, vibration sensors, radiation, ion detectors, sound wave detectors as well as multiple other equipment in or research and investigations to gather evidence to prove or debunk a haunting. If you don’t find the information that you seek answers to you may write or email us at We can only speculate or theorise to the phenomena of a paranormal haunt we still seek the answers to the afterlife and it’s truth.

I have spent over 40 years in the field during which I have gathered evidence to support  the information of help in the understanding of  the paranormal. Please feel free to read all the blogs it may help you find some of those answers that you seek just by clicking the blog there is much more than appears in the headers.


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