About Don Ford and VIPS:

My name is Don Ford I am the Founder of (VIPS) Voyage Into Paranormal Society, founded January of 1997, although I have been studying the paranormal since I was 15 yrs of age. The existence has eluded the grasp of my reality and as my voyage continued deeper into research and investigating the phenomena that are out there it became apparent that in order to do a proper investigation I would need help. I believe in displaying a very professional image, with honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct in all aspects of our organization. The team consist of innovated people from all walks of life and various disciplines, skeptics included .This is so we draw a honest conclusions and without fabrications I take pride in who we are and what we do and the safeguard of our reputation in the paranormal anomalous field above all else.

We are not alone and for that reason I founded this Team to investigate the Paranormal and seek the truth.. We are professional and discrete a non for profit organization, our existence depends on donations from the public.We never charge or ask for money for our services.It was my intention to build a organization that would outlive myself and be passionate and discover the determination to evolve, to paint our on trail of objectives to form a solid foundation so others to build on.So when I decided to branch out in other parts of the country.

As for our future , one thing is certain in a field that is divided in petty disputes, rampart thrill seekers hunting ghosts, and people chasing lights in the sky, VIPS will Shine like Beacon of light seeking out reality,and constantly evolving, to live, learn, lead, and educate with high ethical standards.Setting the standards and protocols to bring scientific proof to the table with rational approach and unity of anomalous research in the field that so desperate in need of new technology to help with further breakthroughs while maintaining a balance of integrity and communication among the Para-Professonals. Come along with us as our voyage goes even deeper and breaks down the walls of the Unknown.

We are a Paranormal Team of Researchers and Investigators seeking out evidence and providing help to all in need. of understanding, “This is me and who I am”


Mission Statement:

We at Vips take pride in operating  with Character, Integrity, Innovation and passion that is rare in uncommon times. Our goal is to provide the dedication to our field of research and to give help,understanding to all in need.

We are a non for profit organization our existence depends on donations from the public,our goal is researching .We understand that calling in a team to investigate your property is not an easy thing to do and respect your right to privacy and assure you we will provide that for you.

Don Ford VIPS Founder /Director


Vision Statement:

To become a primary resource recognized worldwide as a frontrunner in the anomalous research field by providing online training, resources, a forum, and a database of credible paranormal and anomalous evidence. We envision an education and research center in which the public can learn valuable anomalous investigation and research techniques as well as life skills, and researchers can conduct effective scientific research into what anomalous phenomena means to the human condition and human evolution. Furthermore, our membership will include innovative people from every walk of life—many with impressive academic and professional credentials in various disciplines.




At our discretion, we use the scientific method to investigate ghostly activity and all other forms of paranormal phenomena. This includes UFO activity, psychic phenomena, cryptozoology matters, and all claims, experiences, or occurrences that are currently considered unexplainable by the mainstream sciences. We will use objective observation and instrumentation in an attempt to document such activity, or the lack there of. Our ultimate goal is to further mankind’s understanding of these, and related, matters of the paranormal field.

We boast a team from various backgrounds. Our in-field research investigation includes but not limited to electromagnetic field detection, electrostatic field monitoring, infrared and ultraviolet photography, ultra and sub-sonic audio recording, videography, spirit photography and a number of other advanced techniques to acquire data. Aside from projects we pursue, our team can also be hired by individuals or institutions wishing to investigate their properties. Our business research rates can be customized to fit specific needs, call for estimate…………………………. Residence……… With  in 200 miles of our home base is free, outside the 200 mile range we ask for travel and lodging expense this is for only for private homes.

We are sometimes hired by businesses, especially hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts and individuals to do paranormal research investigation. We specialize in ghost and spirit detection. Owners of haunted properties frequently want us to scientifically confirm their spiritual activity. However, we also investigate UFO-related matters, big foot sightings (cryptozoology), psychic ability, and most all subjects currently considered supernatural, unknown or occult. Since we use objective techniques of documentation, you can rely on our years of research to get results. By that token, if we find nothing at a supposedly haunted location, we must report that, as well. We only offer honest and truthful results.

Our services, whether long term or short, can be customized to any client’s needs. Our basic package entails our team members depending on size of location, spending an entire night researching a location with documentation of evidence.Our Paranormal Investigation team will not be held accountable for damage to property caused by their investigation tactics of the reaction from the spirits at the location. We can not control the deads responses to our tactics.

The following would be employed on investigation:

1) Electromagnetic Field Metering

2) Electrostatic Field Detection

3) Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography

4) Ultra and Sub Sonic Audio Recording

5) Night Vision Surveillance, Motion Detection.

6) IR Digital Imaging

7) Spirit Photograph Enhancement

8) Video Documentation

9) Radiation Detection

10) Debunking and Documentation

11) EVP Recordings

12) A Barrage of other innovative techniques

After the field work, we will compile a complete report with all detailed information regarding our findings this process depends on the amount of hours to go over usually takes two-four weeks . This report is yours to keep,and to use (including a DVD) as you please.

If you’re interested in having us research your ghosts or other paranormal activity, please call 972-704-5310 or e-mail us at vips@live.com . Our experienced team can help with most all matters regarding the unexplained.