Advice for Occupant’s of Alleged Haunted Location’s

In my experience the investigation starts with the client, resident, owner or occupant of the allegedly haunted location, obviously. They are living through some hard times that they can not easily explain away, then, at some point after initial contact with the unexplained they will reach out for some advice. Our advice to anyone contacting […]

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Animal and Pet Ghosts

Pet Ghosts Still With Us It is generally accepted that animals have souls, but there is uncertainty about whet...

Haunted Objects II

“Simply Toy’s!” Perhaps no childhood companion is more familiar or more revered than the bab...

What Are Ghosts?

What do you believe a ghost is? Most believe that a ghost is some disturbed dead person for whatever reason ha...
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(Diablo Espinoza) It’s name should be a hint that something is just not right there. Locals say it’...
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At Our Discretion

Investigation At our discretion, we use the scientific method to investigate ghostly activity and all other fo...
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“A Cry For Help”

Keller Investigation,- Keller Mist,- Little Girl Apparition Notes: Addendum to Case File kt014 ….. In t...
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EVP Field Processor

  The EVP Field Processor is the BEST REAL TIME EVP Field Processor VIPS  uses this exclusively on all ...

EMF Radiation

EMF Radiation What is radiation and where does it come from. It comes from outer space, the ground, and even f...

EMF Spectrum With Regard To the Paranormal Field”

Paranormal 101 Basic Class Lesson 5 The key to Electromagnetic Spectrum consists of frequencies from specific particles and particle radiations. All Physics including Quantum Mechanics are based off of the E.M.F. Spectrum. The main reason we use an E.M.F. detector is to be able to read an Electromagnetic increase/decrease or anomaly where there should not […]