Advice for Occupant’s of Alleged Haunted Location’s

In my experience the investigation starts with the client, resident, owner or occupant of the allegedly haunted location, obviously. They are living through some hard times that they can not easily explain away, then, at some point after initial contact with the unexplained they will reach out for some advice. Our advice to anyone contacting […]


Passing Judgement

We appear to disagree to Disagree. Due to the numerous Paranormal experiences people had witness through out ...

What is the truth

Can We Revel the TRUTH? Before I even say Welcome and introduce myself to you, let me state something to you ...

411 on Paranormal Team

VIPS is one of the oldest and most Experienced Paranormal Teams in Texas having worked over 50 cases in 2009 a...

EVP – Classifications

  EVP Electronic Voice Phenomena Evp with Field Processer : Class AA; this instrament helps to hear EVP in r...
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Patience Brings Credibility

Patience Brings Credibility and Accountability As the old saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. The best...