Passing Judgement

We appear to disagree to Disagree.

Due to the numerous Paranormal experiences people had witness through out both their childhood and adulthood, the world of the Paranormal has become a lifetime interest to many people. These ghostly experiences have pushed some to seek out the Paranormal and gather evidence of the Paranormal to not only prove that of their own experiences were real to themselves but to the others, doubters who don’t believe in the Paranormal. The Paranormal is a mysterious part of life, the world, and the outer limits of Space. There are  ghost, mysterious creatures, unexplained events, and the sightings of beings that are claimed to not be from this planet. All in all it seems like a lot more time is spent debunking than actually finding paranormal evidence. This may be true, however it does no good to have evidence that can be otherwise explained away.

If a person has an attachment or believes they are possessed who are we to judge tell them anything, all we can do is try to help, give them advice but when do we turn are backs on them. We don’t, Despite their alarmingly unscientific methods, many ghost hunters pride in themselves in their pursuit of the truth, and in helping people understand the nature of the paranormal world. Though any good skeptics have long realized that the claim of proof of ghosts, spirits, demons is really no more than proof they don’t know how or what they are doing. But that’s a skeptic’s view and they wouldn’t know what to do if one (a ghost) that is come up and kissed them or slap them in the face.

I think it’s fair to say that many skeptics and most ghost hunters in general have their hearts in the right place, it’s also fair to say may I add they have their heads up their rear ends, especially when it comes to paranormal evidence and how to evaluate it. Despite their alarmingly unscientific methods, many ghost hunters pride themselves in their pursuit of the truth, and in helping people understand the nature of the paranormal world, what ever they believe it is. Time is running out the client is getting worst so we don’t turn are backs we can not give up so we must look at everything in order to help, Paranormal Teams are they wrong when they gather evidence to the possibility of a paranormal activity. Do we say hang them to the closest tree and disregard what they have or say because it’s impossible there is no such as a ghost, demon, or spirit?

Some people when in disagreement on their opinions are out to ruin people’s reputations and destroy their name. and build a name for themselves as a star in this industry or for the money that comes with the stardom status. I think it’s time to exile the irresponsible people, who are giving this the paranormal field a bad name with the unproven accusations that keep us divide, arguing and at each others throats constantly. Aren’t you tired of all the drama, STOP being a part of the problem and start being a part of the solution. Just recently I was removed from a Facebook page because I wrote blogs on my website about demonology, demons and other related articles and was told that I was a sell out. If people would read the entire articles they might understand the article and maybe not again I can not see a sell out I don’t say in any of the articles that this is my belief it was for information only. To help people in understanding AGAIN we must look at everything if we are to help people with what they believe is happening we must have knowledge of all aspects beliefs, religions, let alone the equipment we use our team personnel their strength and weakness.

Paranormal drama exist because of small-minded people who pass judgment it’s such a shame……….Ignorance of not understanding this is a disagreement of opinions of an irresponsible persons!

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