Paranormal Client Care

Counseling is a must in Paranormal Client Care

Ever since I was a young man, I have learned different techniques, standards, and different levels of the paranormal field over the years. What has always remained the most important to me is giving the highest level of consulting service, empathy, and compassion to clients and their family with helping them deal with a paranormal phenomena. By helping find solutions and alternatives in dealing with issues and concerns of paranormal events with clients, you give them hope and a deeper better understanding of what is going on. Also by giving the client alternatives in faith solutions and practices you help them overcome the experience and be able to move on.

I focus on technology and on the client and how to resolve their paranormal issues. I also received training in investigating techniques, on collecting data, debunking and professionalism in presenting evidence. Back in the beginning  most importantly I on a independent level reached out to those who have been in various fields of research dealing with the paranormal for many years,(then there was no internet) so to understanding and learn about different levels of the paranormal so I would be able to deal with my clients cases.

Some years ago I decided to stop going solo and form VIPS a paranormal team in order to cover the investigation better. I made sure that a lot of focus was put into investigations, technical equipment and the gathering of evidence and also to spend more time on understanding, researching the land, people involved, the level and area of the paranormal phenomena that each case was dealing with, when the research was finished the investigation began, and empathy was given to the client. This in turn made the your client fell not so overwhelmed and intimidated. You see I believe that every event is different and that also true with your clients but one thing for sure each one is suffering from PTSD of some form and 99.9% need help with dealing with the event as well as PTSD.

Dealing with the aspect of PTSD  and how we learned was to involve the mental health field by way of psychologists and therapists in what we should look for. Most common with paranormal cases is the fact that experiences with the paranormal causes stress, both emotional, mental and often times ending with bad relationships in the home and abuse. Other times, cases dealt with clients who were dealing with mental issues themselves. Recognizing the signs of mental stress or disorders is always important when dealing with clients cases. No we are not Doctors in fact we try to get our clients to visit with someone in the mental health field if need be.

So by not leaving the client in shambles and even deeper sh-t in the paranormal event, and not comprehending the severity that they are getting into, which leads to causing harm to the clients, simply due to higher expectations and by helping them recover answers to understanding and resolutions to phenomena you provide a complete service for the clients. By giving them back every day life without worry something will go bump in the night.

By using technical equipment and finding the source of paranormal activity evidence, not only will you be assisting the clients, but you will also be assisting in finding possible resolutions with the spirit, entity, or person who is causing the paranormal activity. By recognizing the source of the paranormal activity you are helping a person who has passed on, an entity that should not be bothering or interrupting everyday life of the clients, finding the relationship or common interest between the spirit and the clients, and be able to find the solution to resolve any conflict if possible.

Going through all this training and with the experience of assisting many clients finding resolutions, as well as educating the client. we have all been able to advance in the paranormal field. This has allowed us the growth, education in the field, and a better understanding of the causes for paranormal activity.

I encourage other groups, teams or individuals in the paranormal field to reach out to those who have the patients to train to help them do it right. Remember knowledge is important and how you apply it is important, you clients are asking for help not asking for an idiot to make their life more a shamble then when you arrived. Show compassion, integrity, honesty, and be open with the clients, treat them with respect and take pride in what you do.

Always Be Safe Be Sure

Until Next Time

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