Our Code of Ethics for Paranormal Investigations

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Our Code of Ethics for Paranormal Investigations

Every paranormal investigation team has a code by which they investigate.  Some have strict rules, some have no rules whatsoever. V.I.P.S. firmly believe that our Code of Ethics and our Mission Statement’s have fostered an investigation environment that is best for both Voyage Into Paranormal Society and the clients we serve. Our investigation protocols ensures our utmost honesty and professionalism in every environment we investigate.

Our Mission Statement 1st.

It is the mission of the V.I.P.S., as a research group composed of believers, skeptics and open-minded skeptics, to gather and interpret information in response to claims using investigation techniques and equipment.  We may employ the use of sensitives, but any psychic impressions gathered during an investigation will not be presented as evidence unless these impressions are verified via equipment and/or subsequent research.  Unbiased information will be explained in a professional manner to those who have sought our input.

To Our Potential Clients

If you think you may be experiencing paranormal phenomenon, please contact us. We may be able to assist you in understanding what you have experienced. All private locations are kept confidential and will only appear on our website if your expressed permission is given to us.  You have the right to request our removal our your investigation page should you choose that we do so at any time in the future. We will not divulge client names, locations or any other sensitive data via our website or any other means.

The Voyage into Paranormal Society Code of Ethics

•No vandalism.
•No trespassing.
•No drug use, including alcohol, before or during an investigation
•Get permission before entering property (preferably written).
•No littering – leave locations in better shape than we found them.
•When investigating public property, let the local police & authorities know your intentions, and contact the local historical society if possible – then follow up by asking if they would like to see any evidence.

•All paranormal investigations and evidence reveals will be free of charge
•Property owners/clients should be the first people to see any evidence or hear about any personal experiences that was gathered. •No evidence, or reports should appear on the internet without written permission from the owner of the location.
•Honor all agreements made with the clients.
•Conduct business in a way that honors and protects the client’s privacy.
•Communicate completely with the client regarding what the investigation includes.
•We will only bring investigators who are known to us into private homes. Every investigation is a training opportunity, but a private home won’t be their *first* experience.
•We will not provoke in private homes because people have to live there after we are gone.
•Return phone calls and e-mail promptly to clients and or other team members.
•At adult walks for historical societies, all proceeds will go directly to the historical society.  V.I.P.S will not solicit funds nor collect them on behalf of a historical society.

•No smoking at the property being investigated – establish a smoking section away from the investigation site if necessary.
•Do not discuss possible evidence with the client until all evidence has been reviewed later by the whole group.
•No running, yelling or screaming. It is not professional – and if the prospect of being faced with a ghost terrifies you, then you have the wrong hobby.
•Treat other paranormal professionals and groups with respect.
•Assist in the advancement of Paranormal Research by helping to educate the public and potential clients.
•Continued Consultation after investigation is over.

Mission Statement part 2
Our Mission is to help people free-of-charge, who believe they are experiencing symptoms of demonic possession and/or house disturbances, including spirits, demons, hauntings and possessions; V.I.P.S should be your last call for help, is a group of professional specialists who are not only paranormal investigators, but real Demonic Investigators with demonology experience and who are here to help.

When needed, our exorcist are trained Paranormal investigators who perform exorcism and house blessings to expel demonic spirits, negative energies, evil and unwanted paranormal phenomena. Our Exorcist Investigators, that specialize in demonic investigations, are called in to do the “first contact interviews”, and investigations & assessments and if needed, they work with our team of Exorcists after is has been verified that they are needed. If you have already contacted a paranormal investigation group and want more help, in regards to eliminations from demonic, evil spirits, demons, hauntings, and poltergeist, then contact us. It is not uncommon when paranormal investigation groups and even clergy would call for assistance from a paranormal eliminator or exorcist, for the final elimination process. “Paranormal Eliminators” are specialists within our group and are only called in when it has been verified that they are needed.

Look for any sounds, visual effects, odors, or changes in room temperature. Our “Demonic Investigators” will respect your confidentiality while providing a full investigative assessment analysis. At the time of our final analysis the Demonic Investigator will have a profile of the phenomena and contact us for elimination of any paranormal demonic entities, cold spots, and paranormal behavior, by house blessing and/or exorcism rituals. Our service is not just about confirming your paranormal phenomena, but, more importantly, it’s about terminating the problem, through exorcism, prayers, the use of holy water, holy oil, and salt along with other elements as required.

Contact us If you are experiencing any of the following:

•Sound of footsteps on the stairs or floors,
•Sound of voices or animal sounds in rooms and walls,
•Bad odors with no natural explanation,
•Moving black shadows on floors and/or walls,
•Tapping or knocking noises in walls or on the floors,
•Clock hands moving backwards,
•Lights turning themselves on and off,
•Electronic equipment such as radios and televisions turning on or off automatically,
•Black human-shaped figures that move or stand,
•Black clouds of smoke that move around and do not dissipate,
•An evil spirit that is interacting with you or a household member,
•Demonic possession of a household or member.

Call our 24 hour hotline *972-704-5310*

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