Is The Veil Thinning between each Dimensions

Has Paranormal activity picked because of veil thinning between dimensions?

When we die and our consciousness is released from the body and this physical plane, we pass back to the other side of the veil where it is possible to view our Earthly lives we just lived from a highly expanded vantage point. With the veil removed, our awareness expands far beyond the confines of this time-space world and suddenly everything in the lives we just lived makes sense. We can now know for sure that there is life after death.

The other side of the veil seems to function in such a way that the external is a mirror of the internal. There is an ever-unfolding perfect balance between the two. That said, it appears there may be a time lag between a shift in internal awareness and its reflection on the outside likely due to the linear quality of time here, is that why we see only glimpses of entities as they now move faster because we move freely in the other dimension and able to dart in and out of our world into theirs. The more conscious we choose to become of the mirroring of the internal and external worlds, the more easily we are able to surrender to the deeper meaning and realities of life and from that place do our part in bringing spirits here. So is the vail between the two thinning even more, creating more activity here bringing the entities to our dimension. Most souls on Earth are deeply mired in the shadow aspects of the veil, so much so that they have great difficulty seeing or even believing that there is a veil or that entities exist in another dimensions beyond this veil between the dimensions.

When an energetic from from outside of us enters our space, if there is no resonance with anything in our energetic field, it simply passes through us. We don’t notice it and go on unchanged from the state of consciousness we were in before it passed through, just as a radio picks up only the waves of the station to which it is tuned and is unaffected by the waves of all the other stations. When, however, there is some resonance or resistance in our energetic field, this form then affects us. The amount we are affected depends on the strength of the form and how much our energetic field is in resonance or in resistance to this energetic form. Most people are constantly affected by thought and emotion forms from outside of themselves. When someone or something enters our surroundings we can perceive that energy form is created and enters our awareness. Most people ignore  this energy as just an eerie feeling and nothing more. Is this the reason at times they show up as a EMF pulse?

We often hear people speak or write about the veil between worlds that is thinning at certain times of the year in our third dimensional reality – this thinning normally happens during the yearly solstices as well as the equinoxes, when the spirits of real dead people, redeem and unredeemed, jinn and demons from the underworld enter into our reality. These veils are between the 4th and 3rd dimensions – a thin veil/barrier; between the 3rd and lower 3rd dimensions the latter being the state of souls that have not woken up yet, and a rather thick dark veil between the lower 3rd and the dimension of death and darkness here is virtually no energy and what there is, is very negative and feeds on negative so they thrive in our dimension so be aware of that is around you. Just some food for thought it mite not go down just right mite be upsetting to the digestive system but all the same I wonder,

As Always Be SAFE  Be SURE



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