I Exist– Director Ruben Lopez

About VIPS Demonic Division.

Please note the following physical changes which may indicate possession:

1. Subject exhibits precognition, the ability to predict future events.

2. Subject has changes in facial features.

3. Eyes become black at times.

4. Can read other people’s minds.

5. Symbols or writing appear on their body.

6. Animals show fear in their presence.

7. Speak in a unknown language.

8. Multiple voices come out of their mouth at the same time.

9. Inhuman strength.

10. Manipulate senses
Please note the following mental changes may indicate possession:
1. Subject’s behavior becomes more irritable and hostile.

2. Subjet may show an aversion to religious objects.

3. Body cutting behaviors.

4. Stopped caring for their personal hygiene.

5. Change personality.

6. Destroying objects, particularly religious ones.

7. Threatening, violent, and emotional outbursts.

8. Plays with there feces and urine.

9. Touching themselves inappropriately.

10. Multiple personalities.

It is extremely important that you understand that we should be your last call for help.

Before calling us, there are a number of steps you need to take to ensure you truly require our assistance including:
First Step: Get a complete and thorough medical exam.

Second Step: A complete and thorough psychological examination by no less than two psychologists or mental health therapists. These need to be performed in order to eliminate schizophrenia, epilepsy, disassociative disorders and any other illnesses which might mimic possession.


We are a team of paranormal  investigators USA area providing understanding, compassion, and assistance to those in need. We do this through science and technology, as well as other methods. Founded by Don Ford nearly 45 years ago in Texas, VIPS has become a leader in paranormal research and investigation.

We are a not for profit organization and our existence depends on donations from the public. Our goal is researching phenomena through scientific and other methods to help provide people with an understanding into what may be affecting them. We understand that calling in a team to investigate your property is not an easy thing to do. Also we respect your right to privacy. We will NEVER share information from our investigation with any third party without your permission.

If you need immediate help or support please contact 24 hour Demonic hotline (817)-939-8518.


What We Do

During this investigation we will try to help you understand the activity that is occurring and assist all involved. We conduct a thorough interview process that includes many of the who, what, when, and where questions. This allows us to start the investigation with all the information we may need to help. When we agree on the terms of the investigation, and only then, will we proceed with the investigation. Audio, video, motion sensors, hand held equipment along with other devices will be used in an attempt to gather any information and/or evidence.

Following the investigation we gather all evidence and review everything on a wide range of equipment. We try to reproduce some of the activity witnessed so we can debunk any natural occurrence in an attempt to find good evidence either for or against paranormal activity. After the investigation is complete we will reveal to the property owner all evidence gathered and other documents. We will provide a copy of this information to them along with our official opinion. No matter what the outcome of our investigation, we want our property owners to know that we are always available to answer any questions or conduct follow-up investigations if needed. We do this for all our property owners free of charge.


From The Director

I want to personally welcome you to the internet home of Voyage Into Paranormal Society Demonic Division. If you would like to comment on anything posted to this site we encourage you to contact us. It has always been my belief that only with full collaboration will we begin to find the answers many of us seek. So please contact us and share your information.

When Don Ford (Founder of Voyage Into Paranormal Society) contacted me about starting a chapter of his great organization I was shocked to say the very least. You have to know Don to know that this was not an easy decision for him to make. Don has spent nearly a decade and a half building VIPS to the respected society it is today. So asking someone to come in and share the same philosophy and ideals was difficult for him and an honor for me. My name is Ruben Lopez. (817) 939-8518


The mission of Voyage Into Paranormal Society Demonic Division is to maintain the highest levels of character, integrity, innovation, and passion while representing the paranormal community, VIPS, Voyage Into Paranormal Society and the property owners that we help.

This mission has made VIPS one of the most respected research and investigation teams in the country. We intend to carry on the tradition here in the I Exist Demonic Division.



Live-Learn-Lead It may sound simple to most people, but leading in the paranormal community is something most can not do.


Privacy Policy

Our team will use the latest scientific methods and technology to attempt to capture evidence of paranormal activity, and keep this documentation confidential, the images and audio gathered will only be released with the property owners permission. We will not share or publish any of the evidence captured outside our team if this is the desire of the property owner.

 Founder, Owner and Director  Don Ford VIPS of Texas