” Haunted “

Do You Have Demons?

Do You Live in a Haunted House?

Or Are You Just Feeding a Haunting or Ghost?

That’s right you and your’s might be giving energy to a ghost causing a haunting allowing it to feed on this energy allowing it to grow stronger!

How does your actions create a presence so terrifying it becomes construed to be misdiagnosed as a Demonic presence instead of a ghost or malevolent entities. Well it becomes a feeling of one person that they are hearing, seeing or sensing some low scale activity of a possible paranormal phenomena in a place and become very afraid of this and tell other members of the family such as spouse or children and you know kids are very scared of such things that go bump in the night. Now everyone in the family or employees are seeing shadows or hearing noises becomes suspect of this activity whether it’s real or imagined then fear of the unknown kicks in an alleviates to the extreme, everyone is feeding the ghost and that energy causes more activity all of a sudden everyone in the home are sleeping in the same room or not showing up for work, scared of this demonic entity and for their own life… Sound familiar now since everyone is looking for  or waiting for the next thing to happen it just reinforcing the fear or they are giving a conduit of energy for the ghost to draw from and intensifying the unknown hysteria.

This is what a ghost will feed on, is that type of energy, pretty soon these people are talking to friends, family or watching the TV shows about other peoples experiences and creates more energy for it to feed upon and producing more serious situation for it to thrive on. It becomes a endless circle of fear, terror, and it tunes in on this and grows more powerful everyday to the point of touching, speaking, objects moving or even manifestation. It becomes like a beacon of light to bugs it will attract other spirits to the place then you have a infestation and a very critical event that could be dangerous to all involved this could produce a very formidable entity to deal with. Making seem to be a demonic presence in some cases this can be very uneventful. Spiritual energy has a way of attracting other spiritual energies, malevolent as well as benign. Haunting activity does not always reveal the intentions of an entity. There are different influences involved with spirits. Some may be good-natured, some may be malevolent, and some may disguise themselves to look like something they’re not by manipulating their energy as if they were wearing a mask.

Not all  have the potential to become dangerous! And not all phenomenas are paranormal. A ghost may do everything in its power to try and communicate with you. Opening or slamming doors, shrieking in the night it could be a ghost trying to communicate to you, they may be confused and frustrated, they might know that are dead. They might not even know who you are they may feel you are in their home drawing on this energy you give to them to get your attention. Things that left far more questions in our minds than answers. My thoughts are now more geared towards what causes paranormal activity and why. When confronted with a very strong paranormal experience that could not be easily dismissed , a very profound change happens as the reality of the situation the phenomena started to take hold. As the realization that something very strange had happened now you must not buy into this event but evaluate what you have seen. Don’t feed the entity energy keep your head on straight and call someone who can help don’t let the situation grow stronger do not feed the haunting. So if you think you are haunted, have demons, ghost,  live or work in a haunted place what are you going to do?

Or is it just your imagination acting up? Hallucination maybe!

As Always

Be Safe  Be Sure

Happy Haunting



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