Haunted Objects II

“Simply Toy’s!”

Perhaps no childhood companion is more familiar or more revered than the baby doll or Teddy Bear. Friend, companion, confidante, protector, playmate these are just some of the roles the loyal, loving toys has assumed over the years.

But is it possible that the beneficent doll, like many other childhood toys, has a darker side, less often seen, but once experienced, impossible to forget? Is it within the realm of reason that the little friends of our childhood, living and sharing every moment with their adopted children, might take on a life all their own once the innocence of youth has worn away? Can it be possible that the beloved baby doll is actually the most haunted (and haunting!) toy of all time?

As a paranormal investigator, I have encountered many haunted possessions such as jewelry, paintings and furnishings, but I contend that toys are far and away the most haunted items of all.

This is probably because toys spend an awful lot of time with their children,Most kids forge a strong bond with their toys, dolls and teddy bears , and we encounter situations where some toys have gone through every major event in a child’s life positive and negative and it would not be outrageous to say that the toys pick up the energy of the child who spends the most time with them.  The doll has been the keeper of childhood secrets, the companion of childhood illnesses, the playtime partner, and some dolls have even accompanied children on that final journey into the dark when they are placed in the coffins of infants and children who have died.

Given all that the Dolls are exposed to it would be absurd to think that somewhere along the way you wouldn’t get some pretty haunted and even possessed toys out of it.

To launch an investigation into the secret lives of haunted Toys, I first had to acquire test subjects with appropriate backgrounds. With the help of friends and clients I’ve amassed a large collection of toys, all of which just happen to be the objects of paranormal and ghostly activity. Many of these were subjected to research were willingly donated for research.

My collection spans all types of toys: some are antiques, some are just old and tattered, some are more modern examples, and some are brand new. Several were collected from the massive debris piles left in the wake of disasters. What they all have in common is a history of association with paranormal activity, as verified by the statements and real-life accounts of their owners or as discerned by myself over the course of many months’ work.

In many cases, Ive concluded, the haunting or possession of the toys occurs over a long period of time. For all the years a toy remains in possession of a loving child it becomes an integral part of that child’s life. As the child creates this relationship with the toy, the toy naturally begins to take on the energy being directed toward it. Eventually, it is surmised, the essential energy becomes a force that draws other remnant energy to it; for example, if the childs  (his-her) toy live in a home that already has an established history of paranormal activity, this may begin to use the toy as a conduit to help with manifestation. In this instance, the toy can become something similar to the association with practitioners of magic, though of course not frequently on such a powerful scale. The object may not move and act as if of its own volition, but the fact remains that the high concentration of energy, sometimes combined with external anomalies, will cause the toys to almost take on a life of its own. When this occurs, the toys begins to act in response to the child, taking on at least to its companion all aspects of an independent playmate.If you will an invisible friend to play with if the child is an only child or no one else around his own age.

Similarly, in homes where a family member such as a sibling or other close relative have died, it often happens that the toys becomes the receptacle for the  energy of the deceased in question. In this event, the toy might manifest audible phenomena as well as independent motion, such as moving from place to place without the assistance of human interaction.

In the situations described above it is often found that the energy manifest in the toys is generally benevolent and that, outside the somewhat unsettling fact that an entity is present in the toy, the most unnerving aspect seems to be the intense loyalty the haunted object will demonstrate toward the child that owns it.

It is when the link between child and playmate (toy) is broken, either through the natural breakdown of interest that occurs as the child ages or when they have a new friend or toy, in situations where adults intervene when they feel the child is appropriately old enough to discontinue playing with this toy, that malevolent activity associated with haunted toys has been most prevalent.

It could be the sudden withdrawal of the energy that causes the toys to go bad. After all, this toy has spent nearly every waking moment of the child’s life involved in all of his or her experiences. To be cut off from the constant companionship and the natural interaction can be a shock; if the energy within the toy that has gained enough strength, it might be capable of all sorts of activity on its own.Stranger things have happened until we can prove these events I will with hold my conclusion.VIPS investigations suggest that this premise can’t explain much of the strange activity surrounding some of the older toys and those newer ones abandoned to the trash heap or the thrift store.

The investigations are concealed (So Names are withheld to protect the clients any resemblance in nature is purely coincidence.) I know of one instance where a mother decided that her son was too old to be sleeping with his baby teddy bear,At first, she began to wean him off of the habit by allowing him to go to sleep with the bear and then removing it while the boy was asleep. Often during the night the little boy would wake up and call for his bear and sometimes the mother would give in. But she eventually lost her patience with the process and simply refused the boy his bear at night, even going so far as to sleep with it herself to make sure he wouldn’t have access to it.

” Jolly Bear ” The young mother soon found out to her dismay that the sons teddy had other ideas.

One night as she was finally settling down to sleep after an exhausting tantrum from her son, she cradled the son’s little bear in her arms and tried to get to sleep herself. She had only shut her eyes for a few minutes when she felt movement in her arms and she immediately thought she could catch her son in the act of getting the bear.You can imagine her reaction when she opened her eyes and her son was nowhere in sight. But when she looked down at the  bear in her arms she thought it was wiggling on its own,trying to get out from under her arm trying to get away and back to her son’s bed.

The mother sat up and threw the bear away from her jumping in fear. The bear hit the wall and fell to the floor; in the moon light from the window she could see it crumpled on the floor. At that same time her son woke startled from sleep in the next room and began to cry loudly. Not knowing what to do the frightened woman eventually got up the nerve to approach the bear which she quickly locked away in the a nearby entertainment center. Eventually, however, the bear found its way back to the son – but by no paranormal means: his father simply found the bear locked away and gave it back to his son. Still, when it did reappear, the child’s mother was too frightened to remove it again. Ultimately, the boy himself apparently outgrew the toy on his own. Or as I like to speculate the toy outgrew the child?

“Teddy bears really just want to be loved . “They want to be cuddled and valued and cared for – in fact, that’s what they’re made for. And as long as there is someone around to provide for those needs, I think the energy within the toy remains positive and content. When the child is allowed to naturally outgrow the toy it’s possible that the energy dissipates and perhaps reappears in some other form in the older child’s life or moves on altogether.” Some haunted toys, however, don’t know when to let go.

“I have found this phenomenon in some of the objects I have received or removed from homes where there is a history of abuse, either of the toys child or of a sibling,” I speculate that the primary energy the toy gets exposed to is fear, obviously, and then anger that the child isn’t able to express outwardly. As in other situations where pent-up emotion combines with a child’s strong energy, poltergeist activity centered around the toys are not uncommon.

In such instances the toys can become the source of a very real and potent threat in the environment. Always endeavoring to protect the child it loves, oftentimes this energy can manifest in very negative ways. “I have confirmed accounts of toys in these environments apparently taking action of their own either to reveal the perpetrator of the abuse or harm that person in some way”.

” Baby Becky” A fathers rage becomes too much for a 10-year-old when he spanks his daughter and leaves hand prints on her legs here’s what one loving doll protected her owner .Parents beware of Baby Becky her love is always and forever…………………….. In one instance a malevolent doll appeared on the stairs seemingly out of nowhere; when the negative step father who was the toys target descended the stairs, roused by some noise, the toy doll was in just the right place to cause a fall that resulted in a broken leg and a short hospital stay. While the subject remained hospitalized, the toy seemed completely harmless and inanimate. “First of all it seems the toy doll was determined to get at the person it felt was harming those it loved. Also, in that case, no one except the target heard the noises that caused him to walk down the stairs in the first place. Then, finally, when the man came home from the hospital, the activity only got worse.” Indeed, it seemed Toy Doll had upped the stake considerably while the abusive step father was away. Now back at home but still unable to get around without the aid of a crutch, the injured man spent considerable time in bed . Once in the middle of the night the injured man awoke to hear his bedroom door shut but when he tried to get to his feet to investigate he was shocked to find the malevolent toy doll straddling his injured leg. Almost as soon as he became aware of it, the man says, the doll began to move toward him.With a fear for his life he screamed for all to hear Help me. “He firmly believes that doll might have killed him if he hadn’t have screamed loud enough to wake the whole house!” Apparently the doll “got around” so much that, as soon as he was able, the man went to stay with relatives and refused to come back despite the pleadings of his wife “noway not as long as the kid has that god damned doll!”

These are only a couple of examples of haunted objects “Simply Toys” who have brought fear as well as love to people over the years of my investigation of paranormal phenomenon’s I hope you will join us as our voyage into the paranormal continues.


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