Energy Fields, Lay lines , High Energy Theory Sub-Space Energy Flow

Energy Fields, Lay lines , High Energy Theory

                 Sub-Space Energy Flow

Part 1

As many as Eleven dimensions, a parallel universes, and a world made out of strings.” It’s not science fiction”, it’s string theory. The basic assumption of string theory although very simple, results in remarkable physical consequences such as; reconciliation of quantum mechanics and general relativity, prediction of extra dimensions and demand for super-symmetry, quantum description of black holes, holographic description of gravity, etc. Zero Point Energy two different approaches in papers by Planck have led to two different ways of looking at the ZPE and atomic phenomena, namely Quantum Electro-Dynamics (QED) and Stochastic Electro-Dynamics (SED). Towards the close of the 20th Century, new insights indicated that atomic orbit energies are sustained by the ZPE, and that the speed of light may be strongly affected by changes in the properties of space via the ZPE. The origin of the ZPE is discussed as well as some resulting implications for processes operating at the inception of the universe.

Unknown to most of the Paranormal Research Investigators there has been a Large Study on Energy Fields by various Scientists and Scientific Organizations around the world. These studies were to try to prove or disprove the possibilities of Sub-Space Energy Flows which may effect the Earth. These Scientists began by using Lay Lines as a Template. To begin Scientists used a map and projected were points of High Energy are said to be. It was found that these Lay Lines do not actually come close to the other points which were supposed to connect according to Lay Line Theory. The next step for Scientists were to figure out why these points did not coincide with Lay Lines which do have evidence of Sub-Space Energy Flows.

Sub-Space Energy Flows   Sub-Space Conduits are Tunnels in Sub-Space with their own Gravimetric and Magnetic Fields which Energy of like Type Particles Flow. These Particles are also known as Tachyons and have been found in Experiments with the Super Collider but because the Experiments are short, these Tachyons do not always show because of the excessive energy it takes to make a particle go faster then light. Tachyons are Particles of Energy which Flow in Streams in Sub-Space Pockets with in our Sub-Space and Time-Space has no effect as these Energy Streams go faster then the grip of Time-Space.

In our Time-Space we move much slower then the energy in the conduits thus because they are outside our Time-Space and have a boarder of Zero Point Energy which separate these conduits from our Sub-Space, we can not detect these Sub-Space Energy Flows. These Energy Streams also effect Matter on a Sub-Atomic level. As the Streams pass through us outside our Time-Space, the particles in our bodies also go with the streams but the stream is always moving thus replacing particles giving us the appearance of Aging or Decay in general.   Sub-Space Conduits of Energy have Quantum Levels meaning they can become so small that they can have an infinite number of Conduits in Sub-Space separated by other pockets of Sub-Space into infinity, but each pocket of Sub-Space has a limited energy.

In Physics all Energy has a Limit, this limit never changes and energy is never added nor taken away from the Omni-Verse as a whole. These Sub-Space Conduits all wrap around and condense onto each other but do not intersect each other. Only through means of drawing the energy or tearing a rift through Sub-Space can these energies escape into our pocket of Sub-Space. These Sub-Space Conduits can have energy drawn through the Z.P.E.(Zero Point Energy) naturally through High E.M.F. and High Magnetic Fields condensing and becoming unstable and somehow form a charge which would cause a rift or Worm Hole to Open but these would by basically Sub-Atomic in size, but other natural causes in Space such as a Supernova or Gamma Ray Burst Destroying a Star could open large Worm Holes which is what a Black Hole is believed to be.   Energy Fields on Earth and how is this important to the Paranormal.

We all know the Earth has a North and South Polarity which form the Axis of the Earths rotation, but what keeps the Earth on its Axis, how does the Earth rotate, what aligns the Climates, and how is this important to the Paranormal? Sub-Space Energy Flows From the North Pole which Meet the Opposite Polarity Energy Flow from the South Pole literally push each other back toward the poles and back again causing a Stable Axis which keeps the Earth from revolving on its axis. While this process is happening the force of the push back also creates the spin which began revolving the Earth, but to stabilize the rotation and cause a stable smooth orbit a lesser known and much weaker pole formed from the spin which tilts the Earth still today.

This Pole also shows signs that because of the Two energy flows constantly flowing up and down and spinning around at the same time, other Sub-Space Energy Flows are attracted and wrap around the Spin. The Combined Energy Flows form the Earths Magnetic Fields and also places specific particles around the Earth periodically. This Extra Wrap of Sub-Space Energy Flows form our Space-Time within our Sub-Space Bubble. The North and South Energies meet near the Equator, incidentally in the areas plotted which have great energy.   Space-Time changes with each Sub-Space Conduit. Each Conduit is made of Gravimetric and Magnetic Energy which form Sub-Space Bubbles with a Z.P.E. Barrier. The Z.P.E. Barrier was formed through energy burning out through a Charge believed to happen from the Big bang, Exploding Stars, and material from the Black Hole in our Galaxy.

These Energy Flows Move so fast that they form Magnetic Fields in our Space-Time and the magnetic Fields are so great from Spinning Energy Flows they form Gravimetric Fields or more commonly know as Gravity. These pockets of Gravity have different Space-Time and has been proven that it is because the energies in these Fields consist of Different energies then we experience and the speeds of the energy also dictate the movement of what we perceive as Time itself.   The Sub-Space Energy Flows wrapping around the Earth do Shift Seasonally due to less Gravimetric and Magnetic Energy from the Sun. This causes the energy to shift and Charge in places where the Z.P.E. is weakened by High E.M.F. and High Magnetic Fields outside of the Energy Stream. If the Magnetic Field is the Same or Greater and a High Condensed E.M.F. forms then the Z.P.E. may destabilize and a Worm Hole could open.

There are also Positive and Negative Polarity Energy Streams. These Energy Streams do Shift with the rest causing different types of activity to rise or decrease through out the Earth. As these shifts happen in Sub-Space, some of the Z.P.E. barriers do weaken and Sub-Space Explosions can occur. These Explosions open Large Rifts or Worm Holes which release the Explosion then Draw back all the like particles back sealing the rift back with newly formed Z.P.E. through the Charge itself. This Event has been Identified as what happened in Siberia when a Large Impact Like Explosion Happened in Siberia which the Russians originally thought was an American Nuclear Warhead.   All of this information can be found by researchung online or by asking various Scientists.

The largest evidence of these Sub-Space Fields can be seen by building a simple Pyramid Shaped Device which pulls Extreme Magnetic Force through the Z.P.E. It is believed the Pyramids were doorways into the Sub-Space Energy Flows to guarantee getting into the Afterlife. This is a sound and factual Theory. It is a combination of work by Physicists around the World and is Claimed by many each who have contributed to the theory of the discovery of how these Sub-Space Energy Flows can Form the Earths Magnetic, and Gravitational Fields which are really Sub-Space Gravimetric Pockets of Sub-Space which connect to other Sub-Space Pockets also forming and Proving the Omni-Verse in General.

Time-Space is also an important key to the Sub-Space Energy Flows. It is believed that Time is like a String, but since in True Physics energy has limits time would ultimately end or the strain would snap the string in half. To solve this problem the uncertainty principle has been used which also makes Time-Space outside of the Laws of Physics itself in order to project a sustained Time Loop of not just one Time Line, but Several Parallel Time-Lines that are similar but different then the others. The uncertainty Principle should never be used to calculate anything other then outside our Time-Space as it pertains only to unknown Sub-Space Pockets.

This means the Loop can be but the flow forward flow is always constant and there is no going back into previous Time because it no longer exists. The other Time Lines are reflections of possible choices and events that could happen and as they do coincide to the other lines they converge. This would make these other Time-Lines as Hologram like, but the more different a line becomes the more unstable it becomes until it disburses and the Energy Stream recycles it back into the Time Loop as a New possibility Time Line. This keeps the Energy Stream moving forward, if there was a way for the Energy Streams to reverse Time it would effect the entire Energy Stream and also reverse the Time-Stream for everyone in our Time-Space.

This means to send an Individual back into time one would have to form a Bubble of Sub-Space but because the Energy Streams move only in one direction each and that is forward, the individual would always end up into the future and of another Time-Line since that individuals possible actions had no effect to form the Time Line they are now on. Time will never Loop backwards nor will it wrap around back to the start. Energy moves ever forward and when the Time-Space does reverse it will be the Omni-Verse beginning to collapse for another Big Bang.   It is conceivable that several layers of Time-Space exist in several Sub-Space Bubbles with slower moving energy streams which would make them still in our past but not be of our Time-Line because our events have already happened.

Sometimes when the Energy Shifts occur, Worm Holes can link to these Time-Space Bubbles and show a Hologram like projection or allow audible sounds to be heard from it for short periods of time. These can become confused with Residual Hauntings but is not a Haunting as they are still a Living Being with No true connection except for occupying the Same Space in a Different Time-Space Sub-Space Bubble. This fix to the working Theory in Physics still runs the same as the Theory only with out Time Looping back which allows us to get rid of the Uncertainty Principle for this entire Theory of Sub-Space Energy Flows.

I am proud to be a part of the step in making a difference in the Paranormal by helping it become a True Scientific Field of Study and to uncover the Truth, remember with each step forwards we take, a step towards understanding we are coming closer to the answers.

As Always

Be Safe  Be Sure

Happy Haunting

Another Possible time space dimension in part 2 coming soon.


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