Do you think angels or demons can haunt people?

Do you think they can haunt people?

To believe in nonphysical beings—souls or spirits without bodies or brains—in today’s world may seem, well, delusional. But there are serious scholars who take angels and demons seriously. Why?  Certainly, nonphysical beings would challenge the scientific world view that only the physical is real. Certainly, angels and demons, in one form or another, populate most of the world’s religions. But do angels and demons really exist? “I do believe they exist. “I know they exist—and there are two reasons. First, I’m convinced Christianity is true, so angels and demons being real is a system-dependent belief. Second, there are just too many credible, intelligent people who’ve had encounters with angels and demons to dismiss it. … I myself had an encounter with two angels. And have handled five demonic cases in over 40 years in the paranormal field.

After we agree to disagree…. If these angels are real, sent by God, why don’t such encounters happen more often? Early Christian scholar James Tabor, author of The Jesus Dynasty, says that in his translation of the entire Hebrew Bible called “The Original Bible” project, he will not use the word “angel” once. “It’s the Hebrew word ‘malach,’” he says, “which means messenger. And even though in some cases they are spiritual entities from God, the word ‘angel’ is misleading. The same word is also used for human messengers of King David. It’s the same word! So in the Hebrew Bible, ‘malach’ doesn’t have that ‘angel’ connotation of winged creatures benevolently watching over us.”  “‘Demon’ doesn’t occur at all in the Hebrew Bible. Never. There’s one story about beings in the heavenly court with God, and one of them says, ‘Let me be a lying spirit in the mouth of this prophet.’ Almost like, let me go play this trick. But he’s not a demon in any traditional sense. Though not prevalent in the Hebrew Bible, angels and demons feature prominently in Christian doctrine as real beings, created by God as part of God’s grand master plan for all of man kind.

Can they be viewed as a projection of the unconscious. “You don’t need to go too far into the ESP world to appreciate why people persist in believing in such things. There is some kind of intersubjectivity reality, a reality that we create between ourselves and others by sharing thoughts and feelings. Sickness, delusions, hope in something more and better than they know. The moment that you make the leap of faith that our intentions, to some degree, can affect the world around us and what other people think, then you might create a shared mental space which can appear as if it were an angel or demon. “From a spiritual perspective, there may be some kind of actual entity which has gotten stuck there.” Naturally it is to reject the reality of all such claims, citing personal illusion, mass delusion, and “cultural viruses called “memes” as underlying causes. Are angels and demons are manifestations of the paranormal.Surely, angels and demons could help us understand the human psyche, whether or not they are real. It’s all about beliefs. I believe it’s possible…………

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