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Defining The Paranormal Field


With respect to the people who have brought integrity, awareness, discipline, and organization to the Paranormal Field I give high praise, to all the rest and you know who you are. The ones who are in this field for personel fame and fortune and not the advancement of the research and development of equipment that only limit themselves to monetary gains, grow up be part of the solution and not the problem. While some of us prefer the name of Paranormal Researchers others like to be called ghost hunters/thrill seekers there is a difference. Also some of us go to far reaches to classify a paranormal phenomena as to limit it’s application only as a unexplained phenomena that can be tested before we claim it to be paranormal. We are searching for the truth no matter what it maybe, something beyond the ordinary that can not be explained away or be reproduced for debunking of evidence in general, a phenomena that can be accepted by the scientific community as paranormal evidence for a rigorous scientific study as proof positive.

Why, because to the people that have undergone an paranormal experience rarely doubt that was what happened to them. Some find out their experience to be overwhelming, scary, disturbing down right frightening, others find it to be reassuring because they wanted to communicate to a lost relative or to life after death, others want admit to it happening and just move on in their life. A true reaction to a paranormal phenomena just depends on the individual person and the event that they witnessed. Therefore we researchers need to be open to finding out the phenomena that the people seen. Anyone who spends time researching the paranormal will sooner or later have to define why they are here and the preconceptions of anomalous unconventional activities they discover. I hope you can be a passionate, caring individual person that helps with understanding.

If so your mission if you decide to accept it is a simple one, one with out rewards. A Mission Impossible setting up a proper set of standards for paranormal research and establishing a solid ground in principles for conducting experiments that will underlie the importance of both physical and scientific is up most to the field, to defining our mission to promote unity for advancement of this controversial field. A scientific data base needs to be established so individual studies are there for all to use, analysis of all data is made available for all researchers to use on investigation to further the advancement for inquiries and in depth research. Problem One is becoming fundamentally sound field and factoring in the statistics so the research can be reproduce and reliable. Two is the wisdom not to over look everything metaphysical it could go a long way to enlightening the unknown phenomenas, defining the psychic powers realm and establishing a data base in which to further synchronize the field study uniting them both. Yes it’s been tried before with out luck I’m afraid to say, more then once, egos a difference of opinions, just got in the way different interpretations of the dream. But again we need to go one step more, beyond where no one has ever gone before and to visualizing the Life Force in Defining the Paranormal Field.


Voyage Into Paranormal Society


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