Candles – Colors and Meanings Of

Candles – Colors – Symbolism – Superstitions – Meanings

I was informed about the magic of candles and the meaning of the colors. Many years ago I learned about new age metaphysical and what you need to conduct a candle prayer and so much more. So I having experienced this first hand and how it works and can it help with many things such as healing or getting a job and etc…

Candle burning goes as far back as the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians used  candles for light, also used them in forms of prayer and ritual. From ancient times all the way up to the present time candles are widely used in the practice of prayer and ritual. Candles have a special energy and power to them, a power that many are not aware of. People light candles for prayer and that is OK. Some think when a candle is lit to help bring a little love into your life then it is considered spell casting and therefore evil or even black magic. Well that is not at all the case. A spell is simply an intention that is put out into the universe. Whether it be a simple prayer at bed time or lighting a candle at church for your sick family member, it is still a spell so they say. Even though your own thoughts can create your own future, candles bring more of a charge to that intent. This is why it is important to always project positive energy and positive thoughts, it affects our energy and our lives. The same goes for burning candles for a specific intent.

Some people also believe in blessing their candles and even burning the candles on specific days of the week and during different phases of the moon. I certainly would pay attention to the moon phases when doing a candle prayer. If you are looking to gain something such as love, maybe a candle for a new job or career, you should do so during the waxing moon. That is the time from the new moon to the full moon. If you are trying to rid yourself of something, like a habit or illness, then you should do this during the waning moon. That is between the full moon and the new moon.A prayer to use – “In the name of the light, who is the lord of the universe. May the light and energy of this candle remove all fear, negativity and doubt and transmute to a powerful Healing force. May this candle attract Healing, positive energy to (fill in name here) For the highest good of all and for the good of the universe, so be it, so be it, so be it.

Chakras By themselves, candles are excellent meditation tools. The flickering flame of a candle has a hypnotic, calming effect on your mind and body. Combining them with color therapy, however, gives a depth to your meditation practice that is truly amazing. This is because different colors resonate to one or more of your chakras, which govern certain parts of your body and certain emotional states. Though their influence is largely subconscious, and we cannot see them with our physical eyes, chakras influence every area of our lives. Now you can harness the power of candles and the power of colors, focusing them into a powerful meditation practice.

Candles are used in various ways in a vast multitude of religious rituals, ceremonies, and prayers, and so on; listed below are a few ways in which candles are used in religions and faiths that incorporate a belief in magick,Pagans, Wiccans, Satanists, and Christians; plus a thousand other popular religions, all supporting the power that candles have.

Some Superstitions

– Lighting a candle from the fire is a sure way to prevent ever becoming wealthy.

– Lighting more than two candles with a taper is bad luck.

– Trouble lighting a candle means a storm is coming.

– A candle with a mostly blue, or all blue flame means there’s a spirit in the room, a coming frost, or an impending death.

– A flame that curls, or spirals upwards means your enemies are plotting.

– A flame that wavers to one side means travel is in your future.

– A tall, straight flame means a stranger should be expected.

– A sputtering flame means disappointment, sadness, or those things coming soon.

– A flame that is suddenly extinguished, means a great disaster coming in the near future.

– A flame that is accidentally knocked out, or extinguished, means a wedding will soon take place.

Candles are also used to repel evil, and negativity; whether as an accoutrement to a spell, or as single instruments,or left burning in the home.












 Now lets not forget our animal Brown: Pets Protection  and  Peace

Black -Conducive to protective spells, spells to encourage guidance from loved ones, or the gods, encourages the development and evolution of one’s own wisdom, and the wisdom of the gods.comfort

Purple -Promotes spiritual, and psychic energy.inspiration

Blue -Conducive to communication, and developing better communication abilities with the gods, and with others; family, friends,

Green -Promotes natural healing, and building healing, productive energy, for both physical and emotional injuries; also encourages prosperity, and fertility.

Yellow -Represents the unknown and is conducive to happiness, pleasant memories, and a generally more cheerful environment; also promotes success in various venues.

Orange =Promotes creative feelings, and atmosphere. generosity

Red -A high energy source for spells, represents strong emotions and passions, or encourages more passion at home.

Pink -Encourages feelings of romance, or romantic love, an excellent ‘love spell’ candle; also represents and encourages compassion.revelation

White -Signifies vision, innocence, also used for manifestation spells, whether physically manifesting a desire, or emotionally manifesting a feeling in oneself or others; also a strong source of neutral

Brown -Protection for pets, and livestock, also conducive to domestic problem solving, and peace in the home.


Sun Yellow, Gold Sunday

Moon Silver, Pale Blue, Light Gray, Purple Monday

Mars All Shades of Red Tuesday

Mercury Orange, Yellow Wednesday

Jupiter Royal Blue, Purple Thursday

Venus Green, Pink, Pastel Colors Friday

Saturn Black Saturday

Candles have a long and interesting history in religious worship, magic and folklore. They light the way to the sacred; they dispel the forces of darkness; they are associated with ghosts and the dead, They can find buried treasure, and they play a role in incubated dreaming.Or they say! And if the candle does not burn….. If the candle is a protection candle, this means that other type of spiritual cleansing must be done before the beginning of this blessing to remove the negativity of the enviroment before proceeding. Or you need a better candle maker!

Now we have’nt even scratched the surface or you prefer burnt an hour of wick.

Do magical spells and blessings work? Well thats for you to decide for yourself?

Magic Spells and Prayers Candle Color Definitions:

*Burning black with any other color dissolves negative energies!  Protection, hex-breaking, reversing, banishing, destroying evil or negativity, binding, and repelling. Also used for healing very powerful illnesses.

*Communication, truth, peace, calm, loosing weight, wisdom, understanding, protection, harmony, inspiration, truth, patience, health and happiness, luck, communication, loyalty, peaceful, cooling, contentment, healing, idealism, harmony, devotion, meditation.

*Earth, a balanced color. Rituals for material gain, eliminates indecisiveness, furthers powers of concentration, learning, telepathy. Expands financial success, finds lost items.  Material prosperity, Home, friendships, balance, animal magic, earth magic, concentration and studying, wealth, success, intuition, psychic powers and ESP. Protecting pets, Said to help find lost items.

*Abundance, growth, money, success, wealth, physical healing, health, marriage, fertility, employment, balance, Stimulates growth, healing, financial success, good luck,  new job, good harvest, nature appreciation, l
*Enlightenment, protection, success, wealth, money, masculinity, playfulness, luck, divination, victory.
*Enhances communication and attracts the power of cosmic influences; Useful in rituals which are designed to gain fortune or money

*(beige): neutrality, balance and harmlessness.
*Mother consciousness, manifestation and selflessness, Spirituality, compassion, understanding, inspiration, make contact with Higher-Self, attract spiritual assistance, very calming.

*Cleanses negative attitudes, situations and places, Happiness, business deals, attracting good things, success, career, goals, stimulation, attraction, power, luck, sudden changes, Warmth, energy building, enthusiasm, attracts success and prosperity,   emotional healing, attracts friends, courage and ambition.

*restoration and rejuvenation.

*Devotion, love, tenderness and faith, friendship, romance, honor, spiritual healing, caring, affection, forming partnerships, peace, emotional healing, Universal love, purest form of love, love that is unconditional, spiritual love without sex connotation, raises vibrations, sensitivity, healing.
*Designed to attract attention and achieve a purpose in rituals. The color of femininity, Honor, Pleasantness – enhances joyful and lively conversation.

*Use with white candle to neutralize effects of karma and ego.  Ancient wisdom, the third eye, psychic powers, meditation, spirituality, success, confidence, hidden knowledge, protection, divination, All forms of expansion, expands what you already have, spiritual protection, power,  wisdom, healing,  recognition, enhances psychic ability, Recognition in work, contact with spirit world.

*Energy, vitality, and strength, health, passion, sex, love, protection, fire, fertility, fast action, strength, potency, lust, blood, Physical love and passion, courage, warmth, energy, attraction, magnetism, desire, action, physical strength, power, willpower.
*Strengthens magnetism in a ritual, creates Ram and Scorpio energies.

*Compassion for self and others, higher mystical powers, humor, Love, romance, opening the heart, forgiveness, compassion, healing, joy, creativity, endurance, strength, stability and security.


*(or Light Grey)  Victory, Stability, Meditation, Developing Psychic Ability, Removal of Negative Power, Repelling Destruction, Cancellation, Neutrality, Stalemate. is primarily associated with female deities.

*Strength, Success, Idealism, psychic revelation; Ideal for rituals which are designed to secure Ambition, Independence and financial success or to establish contact with the other, spiritual world; Enhances Neptune energy.
*Strengthens magnetism in a ritual, creates Ram and Scorpio energies.

As Always

Be Safe Be Sure

Happy Haunting


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