Can We the Living Capture A Ghost?

energy My answer is if we can, do we have the right to capture a spirit!

The theory that a ghost is made of pure energy and can steal and store energy from around them. It is believed that they influence emf and other energy so to be able to communicate, manifest and move objects, such as doors, water faucets on and off etc. They drain energy from batteries, electrical currents from the house causing lights to flicker actually the more the ghost is active the more energy it will use. It has been documented after a period of high activity it stops and starts to gather and store energy before it will start again. Much like the human body stores energy inside our muscles so we can run, walk, this energy  is transformed into kinetic energy so we can perform an action such as walking, running, even talking and so forth. “So a ghost must be able to do the same.”

If you think that since a ghost doesn’t have a body it wouldn’t be capable to stow energy lets look at the solar flares from the sun which is emitted an energy mass across space invisible to the naked eye but it’s there. It’s important that if ghosts are made of energy and are able to draw on energy that they store just cause we can’t see them doesn’t mean that aren’t real and not there. And there for, any type of movement there has to be energy in order to do so.

If a ghost is nothing more than diminished version of the person they were in life who draws on energy to be able to walk, talk, etc. They draw energy to materialize so they are seen, heard, or move objects. The earths magnetic core could be a major factor in a ghost energy level in allowing them to draw on enough charged atoms to move in an out of our dimension or allowing a disembodied energy to have thought in itself. So in conclusion if a ghost is pure energy we should give thought on capturing this energy like a bug in a jar! So by understanding how the mechanics of a ghost manifestations would be able to draw on that energy  here in the physical realm of ours and have a clue of how to capture one. Then comes the question do we have the right to do so, after all they were human at one time now you might say a free spirit.

The stench of ignorance concerning the presence of ghosts and their involvement in our realm in history persists when it comes to hauntings these sightings of ghost and mans denial of such that makes one wonder if there is intelligent life on Earth. Or is it just arrogance of our immortality.

Weather or not a ghost has a choice to stay or not after a person passes away and chooses to stays in our realm instead of moving on for whatever reason fear, sadness, loved ones, anger or unfinished business we might never know until the day we are face to face with the unknown regardless of our opinion of what happens after Death it will happen to all of us sooner then later. Until next time.

Be Safe and Be Sure.

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