Can Suicide or Depression be a Factor in a Haunting Attachment !



There are more and more people now becoming depressed and suicidal or angry and destructive some due to these factors. The intensifying power and nature of their inner dark negative emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, criticism, vanity, pride etc, is enabling their minds to become more focused upon by invisible spirit forces that have the same dark energy within them, and the invisible dark essence of the energy flows through with more and more intensity unless the individual is stopped. There are also many spirits residing alongside our domain waiting for an invitation to enter and take over a willing host.

Not in physical bodies but as earth-bound spirts living in a realm of consciousness that is adjacent to this world. These spirits can at times cause us considerable harm, mental and emotional discomfort as they attempt to interfere with our being in our minds and in our lives, and it is important if we are approached or become aware of them or their mental influence that we give them our attention. With the escalation of negativity energy on all levels of our dimension, some of these spirits are seeking the means to communicate from the realm within they presently are bound so to cause others interference, disharmony, or destructively interfering with our dimension,

Humans are people who think they live normal lives by not having to think about what they already are doing here. Studies have shown that humans at times can be spiritual in nature, however they follow the example of others who are like them, rather than being a direct example of or being a candidate for immediate change. What it means to be human is that by living a simple life, it can often repeat itself with a purpose or need to be in a social group, as exists within the nature of all social animals. Humans have developed advanced intelligence over time, but because we have learned to understand each other for what we like about ourselves, to know what we don’t like, we will stand up for with the process of reason on our side.

Therefore, because we can reason through language and common place tools at our disposal, we have inhabited the most territory of this planet while giving life, in order to understand what we can not always see to others who dwell here and in other dimensions. We must open our minds think outside the box and not always follow the norm or the independent nature of the experience itself without influence, which causes such memories to be surfaced and originally written down and remembered often throughout an individual’s life time.

When something paranormal touches our being, our first reaction is it’s not real only our imagination or we are loosing our mind! That’s when we realize our normal life isn’t what we knew it was, our perception changes we become aware of what is happening around us………. We must keep an open mind and not let negative spirits influence us and push us over the edge…………

Be Safe My Friends

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