Animal and Pet Ghosts


Pet Ghosts Still With Us

It is generally accepted that animals have souls, but there is uncertainty about whether such souls are immortal. Opinions vary widely and as the debate goes on some say the animals have no place in the afterlife. “In the sense of possessing a part or element that lives forever, as man possesses and that animals do not possess an eternal spirit or soul. If the animals did have souls, but they ceased to exist on death and do not go to heaven. I believe that all pets go to heaven, except those who stay behind to be with us. So someone e-mailed me and asked could her dog still be with her? Well here you go………… Wendy dogmother

Due to the traditional religious beliefs that wrongly instruct us that only humans have souls, many are unaware that animals have spirits or souls just like human beings and can interact and even be seen as pet ghosts. Pet ghosts seem to be the most common animal ghosts seen, and this could be because of the strong bonds and emotional ties that were between the owners and families of the pets. However, detection of pet ghosts may be more noticeable to one who is grieving and is looking for signs of a ghostly visit from their furry friend. Perhaps our attachment to the animal holds it here for a short time due to its concern for our emotional trauma; but perhaps this also creates the perfect opportunity, for one who knows what to specifically listen and look for, to detect a pet ghost.

Dogs have been known to keep pretty good watch over people, and some have even been heard as ghosts, still growling threats to those who come too near. Many believe they still hear their pet walk the floors, as they keep watch over the family. And some see them still laying in the corner or on the foot of the bed where they slept. Often after the death of an animal’s physical body, they may choose to remain around their human family, as well as other animal friends for a time; but so often they move on after saying goodbye.

Upon a pet’s passing, one should be alert to the signs of the loving pet being with them in spirit, such as familiar sounds associated with the pet, a visible presence, or an imprint or indentation upon a bed where the animal formerly slept. Pay particular attention to the times and places where you daily interacted with the loved one, such as during feeding times. Perhaps your pet is still going through their routine with you. This is also a good time to take photographs, as the anomalies appear, such as wisps of spirit, shadows, and even apparitions of the animal might be captured in a photo.

Some pet ghosts have been seen re-living tragedies most likely tied to their deaths; shadowy images of animals crossing roads have been seen at night; and ghost cats have been heard purring and sleeping on beds, leaving their impression on the bed covers to let you know they are still with you. Accounts of animal ghosts have existed for a very long time. Sometimes during travel, ghosts of animals have been reported by people on the road. There are ghost stories about various types of pet animals, especially dogs, cats and horses being seen after their death. Pet ghosts seem to visit where they formerly lived, and may stay for a short period of time or longer.

Many owners have reported not only seeing their pet ghost, but also smelling, hearing and even feeling them through touch. These pet ghosts seem to continue their daily routine developed while pets, such as sleeping on a bed, eating at their food dish, or interacting with us or other animals still alive and remaining in the household as loving members of our family. I know Zeus is still with us he plays with his mate Zoe and protects us two years after his death. Although I have not seen him, I have felt his presence and have seen Zoe interact with him.

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