Advice for Occupant’s of Alleged Haunted Location’s

In my experience the investigation starts with the client, resident, owner or occupant of the allegedly haunted location, obviously. They are living through some hard times that they can not easily explain away, then, at some point after initial contact with the unexplained they will reach out for some advice. Our advice to anyone contacting […]

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Claims of Shadow People

    Shadow people are paranormal shadow-like creatures that people usually see in their peripheral v...
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Animal and Pet Ghosts

Pet Ghosts Still With Us It is generally accepted that animals have souls, but there is uncertainty about whet...
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Paranormal Client Care

Counseling is a must in Paranormal Client Care Ever since I was a young man, I have learned different techniqu...

Looking For Paranormal Groups All over

    VIPS is now looking for interested groups who wants to be apart of VIPS. Must be able to keep a open mind, have the ability of critical thinking, to be able to do a proper investigation have the ability to help all callers in need. If you have integrity, honesty,  desire and the passion, […]


Passing Judgement

We appear to disagree to Disagree. Due to the numerous Paranormal experiences people had witness through out ...

What is the truth

Can We Revel the TRUTH? Before I even say Welcome and introduce myself to you, let me state something to you ...

Haunted Objects II

“Simply Toy’s!” Perhaps no childhood companion is more familiar or more revered than the bab...

The Einstein-Rosen Bridge

The Einstein-Rosen Bridge In 1916 Einstein first introduced his general theory of relativity, a theory which t...